Friday, 10 May 2013

Mefoto A0350Q0K Backpacker Travel Tripod Kits

Mefoto A0350Q0K Backpacker Travel Tripod Kits
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The MeFOTO BackPacker is super compact folding travel tripod upside down and fit in most backpacks and briefcases. It is available in eight different colors and can be used for a variety of different camera styles such as: point and shoot, smartphone and mirrorless. BackPacker is equipped with a dual action ballhead Q series with Arca-Swiss style plate releases quickly. Carrying case with shoulder strap included.
The MeFOTO BackPacker Travel Tripod Kit provides an outstanding combination of materials, construction and features - plus a splash of color .Great for point & shoot, mirrorless and micro four thirds camera. Only 12.6 "when folded yet 51.2" extended, weighs 2.6 pounds and can support up to 8.8 pounds.

Tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 ° provides a compact size of 12.6 ".You will get a five foot section extended so as to provide a variety of heights 16.5 "-51.2".BackPacker weighs only 2.6 pounds but can support up to 8.8 pounds making it suitable for point-and-shoot you, mirrorless or DSLR camera smaller.Two position leg angle provides flexibility and allows shooting in cramped quarters or on irregular surface areas.

Rotate the leg locks with anti-rotation system, paired with rubber grip locking allows fast and fumble-free set-up plus weather and dust resistant.Equipped with suitable precision ballhead Q series, Arca-Swiss style quick and compatibility release plate integral bubble level to prevent uneven pans and head movements.
Separate and pan head lock secures your camera every desired angle and obtain accurate with 360 degree panoramic panning.
There are 8 color options to choose from: black, blue, gold, green, orange, purple, red or titanium.
The MeFOTO BackPacker is super compact travel tripod is also equipped with a tote bag for your convenience in transportation and protection.

The MeFOTO BackPacker addition is super compact travel tripod provides 5 year warranty: 2 years + 3 years of purchase after registration. So you do not have to be afraid when The MeFOTO BackPacker is super compact travel tripod is broken when you take it traveling.View Price
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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Backpacker magazine's Complete Guide to Outdoor Gear Maintenance and Repair

Kristin Hostetter has managed to write a book on how to fix your own teeth. Heck, he even fixed my teeth in this book. My trekking poles in shot after falling in catskills, or so I thought. I was about to trash them and spend another 200 bucks, when I saw that Kristin was looking for equipment to repair to his book. I got in contact with him and before I knew it, my pole back almost as good as new. This is not just hypothetical "how to fix the problem field", he actually did it. And using simple tools that everyone has.

Complete Guide Gear Maintenance and Repair open much more than how to fix a broken tooth. It is a thorough reminder of the real world scenarios you may face when possible tooth decay - and the unpleasant consequences of not being prepared.

The good news is that with a little planning, and a modest expenditure on product improvement, the authors show you how to take care of the majority of the equipment issue you will probably never encounter in the wild. 

It is not only the best 'how-to' book for outdoor gear repair, it's probably the best 'how-to' book you've ever read on any subject. 

Very necessary and really worth its weight in gold. 

After reading Backpacker magazine's Complete Guide to Outdoor Gear Maintenance and Repair, you take the recommendation and collect simple repair kit to have on hand during your trip. The book is easy to read and even the average can follow simple directions. Simply put, if you spend time camping, hiking, or just outside, this book will have the relevant information that will save you headaches and money. Backpacker job well done.View Price
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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Quest Hotel Semarang

Quest Hotel Semarang: Pool AreaYou will be surprised that the Quest Hotel Semarang is only a 3 star hotel. Although this 3-star hotel but the service that is given is not inferior to 5-star hotelsRoom rates at this hotel is quite affordable to the pockets of the backpackers, with Rp.400.000 Only you can enjoy room suite.

Quest Hotel SemarangMorning provided from 5 to 10. They provide a varied breakfast menu, from the West to Indonesia. For pasta lovers, they usually provide a delicious pasta side corner eggs. If you like vegetables, vegetable juices make sure you try them. This super healthy.The staff were wonderful and arrange onward transport you to a place you want to go efficiently and well.

You will enjoy the area  loved walking on the street and do some shopping at a good price. There Indomart shop in the next street  a few minutes walk away just ask the staff  they will direct you.

Quest Hotel Semarang: Lobby

Simpang Lima is only a short taxi ride away for shopping and food court.SEMARANG not a big tourist city - but it was a pleasant relief from the hecticness Jakarta and Bandung.. I fully recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Semarang for any reason.Two words for Quest Hotel, simply and affordably. And maybe you will be very sorry if you are in Semarang but never choose this hotel. It's not great or exceptional luxury, but it was amazingly clean and fresh. 

They have a lot of a lot of glass walls and roof to make it look brighter. The hotel is located in Plampitan Street, close to the Semarang Chinese Town, Johar traditional market, and is surrounded by many shops.
Services form the hotel staff should be no problem because they are all friendly. Parking space is no problem too. The problem for you is probably the elevator. We had to use our room key to use the elevator. This can create problems when you and your friends or family to go to a separate place and back to the hotel at different times. 

The hotel is just give you one key so you can not use the lift to access your room and you have to ask for help in order to be able to use the elevator to get to your room. It is not very practical in my opinion.
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Friday, 19 April 2013

Strand Hotel Singapur

Strand Hotel: ChambreWhen you are planning to travel to Singapore, only to, food, scenery and fun. As well you do not think so much of money on hotels. A flick makes clear that Singapore hotel is one of the most expensive and the feedback was mixed.

You can run on the hotel beach and the feedback was very positive but you might be worried that it's so cheap that it should catch. Well, the positive feedback is really worth it.


There are no secrets in this hotel. You check in, you have a pleasant stay when you check out. My booking
on-line and go through the check-in was a breeze. The room was very spacious and clean as expected. Bed and bedding were comfortable and fresh as expected. 

Food for breakfast as advertised. However, it is the local fast food on the road is more than enough and offers a wide selection of food. MRI is very close and you used a few times to Clarke Quay and Flyers. you can ask for a late check-out and you will get it without causing problems.

Price / performance ratio is good. Certainly there is currently a building site cleared for new MRT stations, but progress can not blame the city in the hotel. Trip point is to keep going and do not hide in your room. Construction only during the day and have enough room soundproof.

Strand Hotel: View from room 601: Rendezvous HotelDo not go.One must stay HOTEL on the beach.Save your money for a look-see, at the end of a long hallway is something you want to treat yourself, and to make shopping, you can achieve. Go to Clarke Quay, Universal Studios, Sentosa, space gourmet, Singapore Flyer, Marina Sands, River boat ride, Merlion, shopping centers, etc.. You'll be grateful when you look at your credit card statement after your vacation.

Strand Hotel: Double RoomIn this hotel you will get a free breakfast, and I think it's pretty decent for a very cheap hotel but with extraordinary facility.You will not feel disappointed when you have to stay at this hotel, Hotel 3 star prices with 5 star facilities.It's a best hotel in singapur with low price
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Friday, 5 April 2013

The Backpacker's Field Manual

Distinction must be made between "outside" the book assumes that your journey into the wilderness occurs in the context of the work of civil society, ie you buy food at the store, you have a tent, your map, maybe a GPS, and if you are in trouble competent efforts will done to save you.

 Then there is the "survival" books assume that if you do not do "it" (gather food, build shelter, find water, etc.) alone, it is not going to happen. Maybe you can get help, but maybe other people even pose a danger to your life, probably because of violent behavior, stupidity, clumsiness, or for whatever reason.
This book falls mainly into the first category, but makes interesting forays into the second. Perhaps the strongest impression left by the First Aid section (which is also the longest). If you are really in a state of emergency, in which case you definitely do not have time to read five pages on the Heimlich maneuver or anything else, this is probably the book that you have to take in a hurry.

Of course, ideally, you should know the contents of the outside of the head, but the descriptions are brief but detailed enough that they can be read quickly and provide all the important information. Various diseases including the more obvious that you probably will not find covered in other First Aid text.
A number of good parts include things like crossing the river or bearproofing your camp. This well written and emphasizes the importance of understanding the situation before acting. Along the same lines, there is an extensive review of leadership skills - this is definitely an open book for the thinking man.
All in all the whole book, but if you are in a situation where aid does not arrive after a while, it may not be enough. SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea will be an excellent complement to this book and both include BFM things left out.

This book was written by Rick Curtis, Outdoor Action Program director at Princeton University, one of the college's most successful outdoor program around. This is not the kind of book that you sit down and read, but a good reference to keep handy when you have questions about things. Here's a little what it includes:
-Backpacking equipment-Cooking and nutritionCleanliness and water-purification- "Leave-no-trace" hiking and campingWeather-Safety and emergency proceduresFirst aidTrip-planning
Every backpacker knows that space is limited and you can only carry the essentials-which certainly includes this book. In 10 chapters, medium font, and 440 pages, it covers everything and will be the only guide you'll ever need backpacking. Pedestrians suffer from plantar fasciitis may also be interested in.Read book
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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Marriott Niagara Falls

Marriott Niagara FallsMarriott Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel & SpaThe hotel has. Perfect location right in Niagara Falls on the Canadian side interior is decorated in the style of.the 70s, but very nice and well maintained.

You can book a two-floor suite with panoramic views right from the bed to the waterfall. In the lower area of the room is a "room" with a sofa and a small dining table and a small bathroom with a toilet. In the upper area, the bed right next to an open bathroom with shower and jacuzzi.

 In the waiting room the hotel has its own stand-service Starbuck super great.For those of you who come up with your partner, you can enjoy a romantic dinner for two, an additional order. The service here is excellent. The food is amazing and even if a brilliant view of the colorful lights at night Niagara.

The staff is really great and nothing was too much trouble. We asked for more coffee in 5 minutes knocking on the door and you are there. They gave us great advice on the best restaurants and attractions, and they are very honest about what to avoid.

All in all a fantastic Marriot Niagara Falls Hotel with the best view in Niagara. You will feel the holiday was fantastic and fun......
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Monday, 11 March 2013

Restaurant Majer Venezia

A wonderful place where bread among lined modern / cake / snack bar, clean, pleasant to taste high quality sweet or savory, hot or cold. try the savory strudel with vegetables, backpacks stuffed with ham and cheese sandwich, all great. delicious pancakes filled with eggnog. good coffee and a selection of teas. Department is also very good bakery where you can try a very good bakery called 'though'. very modern and fun, a bit of 'modern-Paris, so. 

Majer Venezia: Front ViewThe staff, which is always a plus in a room. peaceful atmosphere, to read newspapers available to invite you for a relaxing break and thank goodness they did not resemble the local fast food restaurant.

The perfect place for breakfast or a snack, with a wide selection of delicious croissants and pastries and fresh. Salt is very good and tasty, I highly recommend the pizza with melted cheese, ham and pistachio cream, Mouth-watering.  

Besides taking care of the place, it is clear freshness of the product and the seriousness with which they are made.Fully satisfied of the excellent croissants and cappuccino consumption comfortably, and attracted to things that look delicious on the bench, sometimes practiced in short lunch break and you will say with sincerity that the subtle flavors as advertised by this company indeed exist in their specialties.

Majer Venezia: very sweet

Prices, especially for being in Venice, which would have been great and adil.Anda not be disappointed for sure.The famous restaurant is the coffee flavor is extraordinary.  

Maybe after you try it out here, you want to feel it again.When you visit venice not hurt you melunagkan time to enjoy lunch or enjoy a little snack here.

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